democratizing access to spatial intelligence

Layer is a spatial orchestration platform with global data coverage — it empowers teams to govern through tactics and patterns while leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence.

New This is a very soft launch. Layer is under heavy construction — sign-up for occasional updates.

We provide turnkey spatial intelligence solutions to individuals, enterprises & everything in between.

our clients

track change

Track spatial changes by examining near real-time nightlight activity change, forest loss and fifteen other indicators.

assess climate

Evaluate historical and temporal land surface temperature records from the 1970s onwards.

measure accessibility

Generate walking, driving and public transportation mobility and accessibility isochrones for hundreds of amenities.

monitor infrastructure

Conduct complex network analyses on critical segments of the infrastructure grid & mobility performance.

scan demographics

Evaluate high-resolution machine-learning derived demographic and population counts.

observe land-use

Evaluate historical urban encroachement and scrutinize real-time land use change.
  • Evaluate high-resolution demographic data Open-source
  • Turnkey multi-dimensional socio-economic deprivation analysis Proprietary
  • Transportation and mobility intelligence and analytics Proprietary

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